New Means of Transportation


It’s no secret in today’s age of technology and innovation that more and more unique methods of transportation are being created every day. You thought the car was a wild step up from the horse and buggy, and jets and helicopters are marvels compared to the prop planes of yesterday. Today, we are able to go further, faster, and more conveniently than ever before. Making it easier than ever to stay connected to people throughout the country and world, and to experience places you never thought you’d see in your lifetime. If you travel abroad, research which Medicare supplement plans might cover you while you travel.

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Self Driving Cars

Not only was the car a marvel of an invention back its day, but did you ever think you’d see the day we would have cars all over the road with no one even driving them? Autonomous vehicles are basically robots big enough to fit humans in and fast enough to make them worthwhile to use for means of transportation. They use hundreds of sophisticated cameras and sensors all around the vehicle to ensure they safely stay on the road, without crashing into any objects or other vehicles, and are able to go from point A to point B all on their own. It is a truly miraculous leap forward in technology.



Who ever thought the standard train could be improved upon with modern technology? It seems about as sophisticated as it can get: lay down tracks, put a fuselage on wheels that fit the track, and power it with fuel. Well, they did improve upon it, and with a very similar concept as the trains we already know. The Hyperloop is essentially a super fast train on magnetic tracks inside of a vacuum tube. The train is powered by its opposing magnets from the tracks themselves, and is capable of reaching incredibly fast speeds because the vacuum tube it travels in eliminates virtually all friction from air drag.

This means the normal 8 hour train ride from New York City to Washington, DC will now be done in just 30 minutes, and you’ll feel completely normal the entire ride. Rapid, mass transit will be more available and more affordable as we perfect the technology behind it, and people will be able to do more and see more in less time than ever imagined before. Would you give a ride on the Hyperloop a shot?