Medicare questions that should be asked

It might be confusing for people who are newly eligible beneficiaries for Medicare. Navigating through different policies and their cost structure can be hectic and does draw out a lot of efforts. There are frequent questions asked by different people and here are answers to some of those questions:

Dental costs including routine check-ups, cavity fillings, cleanings, and root canals are not covered under original Medicare, that is, Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Medicare just cover dental costs in case of a serious health condition such as a broken jaw. However, Medicare Advantage plans cover certain dental care costs which vary from plan to plan.

AARP Medicare supplement Plans 2019

  • What does Medicare supplement Insurance guaranteed issue right mean?

Medicare guaranteed issue rights which are also known as Medigap protections are rights which protect a person’s ability to buy Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) at the certain situation through life. Insurance companies cannot deny selling the Medigap policies to the person with guaranteed issue rights on the basis of any health condition and should also sell it with the same benefits and premium rates as with other beneficiaries in the state. Guaranteed issue rights are available for the first 6 months after a person signs up for Medicare Part B. If for any reason a person is unable to apply during this time than the Medicare supplement plan might not be available for the person and even if insurance companies sell it, it might be after taking a medical underwriting.

  • How much premium increase can one expect?

The monthly premiums for original Medicare plans and Medicare advantage or plan D or Medicare supplement plans can increase over the years due to inflation or increase in health care costs in general. Other than that there might be other reason such as the method of pricing adopted by the insurance companies selling Medicare supplement plans.If the insurance company uses attained age pricing method than it will probably increase more than policies with community age pricing. It also depends on the state where a person lives in.

  • Is there a relationship between Medicare payment and higher income?

Yes, there is. The premium for Medicare Part B is based on the income reported in IRS tax returns and might be higher for people who earn more. However, there is also a maximum limit.

  • Can Part B coverage be deferred?

It can be deferred only if there is insurance through a current employer. But if the deadline for Part B is missed than a late enrollment penalty has to be paid.

  • What is the qualification for extra help?

People with limited resources can get help for paying premiums, deductibles, and copayments through Medicare’s extra help program nut the yearly income should be less than $18,120 and less than $14,100 in additional resources.