Medicare questions that should be asked

It might be confusing for people who are newly eligible beneficiaries for Medicare. Navigating through different policies and their cost structure can be hectic and does draw out a lot of efforts. There are frequent questions asked by different people and here are answers to some of those questions:

Dental costs including routine check-ups, cavity fillings, cleanings, and root canals are not covered under original Medicare, that is, Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Medicare just cover dental costs in case of a serious health condition such as a broken jaw. However, Medicare Advantage plans cover certain dental care costs which vary from plan to plan.

AARP Medicare supplement Plans 2019

  • What does Medicare supplement Insurance guaranteed issue right mean?

Medicare guaranteed issue rights which are also known as Medigap protections are rights which protect a person’s ability to buy Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) at the certain situation through life. Insurance companies cannot deny selling the Medigap policies to the person with guaranteed issue rights on the basis of any health condition and should also sell it with the same benefits and premium rates as with other beneficiaries in the state. Guaranteed issue rights are available for the first 6 months after a person signs up for Medicare Part B. If for any reason a person is unable to apply during this time than the Medicare supplement plan might not be available for the person and even if insurance companies sell it, it might be after taking a medical underwriting.

  • How much premium increase can one expect?

The monthly premiums for original Medicare plans and Medicare advantage or plan D or Medicare supplement plans can increase over the years due to inflation or increase in health care costs in general. Other than that there might be other reason such as the method of pricing adopted by the insurance companies selling Medicare supplement plans.If the insurance company uses attained age pricing method than it will probably increase more than policies with community age pricing. It also depends on the state where a person lives in.

  • Is there a relationship between Medicare payment and higher income?

Yes, there is. The premium for Medicare Part B is based on the income reported in IRS tax returns and might be higher for people who earn more. However, there is also a maximum limit.

  • Can Part B coverage be deferred?

It can be deferred only if there is insurance through a current employer. But if the deadline for Part B is missed than a late enrollment penalty has to be paid.

  • What is the qualification for extra help?

People with limited resources can get help for paying premiums, deductibles, and copayments through Medicare’s extra help program nut the yearly income should be less than $18,120 and less than $14,100 in additional resources.


In order to set in motion the economic discussion on Medicare advantage Plans 2019, we need to address the full extent of just what the nation is up against. Currently, unemployment, as well as the employed, self-employed, and business owners, has passed 10%, about 15 to 16 million people.   Find out more https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.orgat Add another 6 to 7 percent to that, which includes the part-timers, disabled, retired, and those of working age who have stopped looking.


We are watching millions of Americans not drawing active paychecks. The closing of businesses, branch locations, shops, stores, retail, wholesale, and service sectors, adds to the severity of the overall problems. It is conceded that there are many who are drawing from savings, taking early pensions/Social Security income, receiving extended unemployment compensation, and retirees on full pensions. That said, the loss of productivity is simply staggering. All this decreases the taxes available from which cities, counties, states, and the federal government must fund budgets. Naturally, all this leads to ever worsening annual deficits and unfunded liabilities. Finally, federal government for the past 30 years has pursued deficit-spending policies which add to all of this.


Navigating Through Tough American Economic and National Health Care, Health Insurance Reform Issues tends to be tricky for consultants. From time to time, there is a need for guidance in Financial Services Practice; now is definitely one of those times. There are two distinct issues working in tandem which determine modifications in the future conduct of our business: The Economy and the Reforms. Here are ideas on how to navigate our way through the maze. This can most certainly be done. With care, thoughtful performance, and innovation, Financial Services Professionals can serve the general public and make the experience satisfying and profitable. Let’s begin with some commentary on the general economic circumstances first. Following that, we’ll take up the Reform issues, how to move through them, and how the way we advise members of the general public on savings, insurance, investment, and retirement concerns.


Care rationing is a matter of fact, already in place for some years, and will get more pronounced for everyone. There really is no other sustainable way to do any kind of reform in attempts to control steeply increasing costs of insuring seniors and those below age 65 yr. who can either not afford to be insured, can’t qualify, or act as though they don’t want to protect themselves by checking into their local hospital ER so we can all pay for that.


When considering Medicare Advantage Plans 2019, why not visit your current health status is also considered by insurance companies. If you are already in poor quality health, it is safe to assume that you will continue to have health issues throughout your life. Your gender is also taken into account because one gender is sometimes more likely to contract certain illnesses more so than the other. Whether or not you use tobacco can play a role. It is a known fact that tobacco can lead to cancer and other health issues. Insurance companies see this as a risk, therefore, your premium could be higher if you do use tobacco products.


It is important to note that plans of this type are uniform in that a Medicare Supplement “Plan F” will have the same benefits whether it is sold by Company A or Company B. However, just because they are standardized in this way, that does not mean that each company will charge you the same premium for that particular plan. Rates are not only based on the factors listed above, but other aspects as well. It is essential to request many free quotes from different companies to obtain the best possible coverage at the best rate available to you. It is recommended that one use an independent advisor who can provide you with an unbiased outlook.

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The most popular providers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Forethought Financial, Marquette National, Gerber Life, Woodman of the World, Sentinel, Christian Fidelity, Great American, Mutual of Omaha. Seniors, such as your Medicare Supplement lead, have a host of insurance needs as they age. A lot of seniors are actually financially more comfortable than they will have you believe, having saved through a lifetime in the days when even private corporate jobs had generous health, retirement and pension benefits, when college tuitions were not sky high, and raising a family with a few kids did not mean being buried in debt.


Additionally, chances are pretty good that your Medicare Supplement lead paid anywhere from a third to a tenth for his house, relative to what it is worth today, depending on how early he bought it. And in many of these cases, their houses were paid off many decades ago and they are still paying property taxes based on a much lower cost basis. In other words, these prospects continue to enjoy a much lower property tax rate than their young neighbor who just bought years before.

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As the summer comes to a close and the leaves start to change, it won’t be long before the ground is covered with snow and you won’t want to leave the warmth of your house. Rather than sitting around looking over all your options for Medicare advantage plans, why not take advantage of the remaining days of beautiful weather with these ideas for some outdoor fun.

Find a scenic walking trail

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It’is therapeutic, allowing you to take a moment to open your eyes and take in your surroundings. Many walking trails bring you past beautiful scenery or historical landmarks. Some may offer a challenge to accomplish such as rolling hills or climbing elevation. They may just lead you from one central location to another for shopping or food. Either way, they are a great way to step out of your element and enjoy nature. Stop and smell the roses for a bit.

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Sometimes the best escape is a good book. If the weather is right, why not venture to a coffee shop nearby with a nice patio or a park bench with a relaxing view and soothing ambiance of flowing water. There’s nothing better than having a good cup of coffee in the sunshine and nothing to do on the agenda.


It doesn’t matter if the book is purely for pleasure or you’re feeling productive and want to teach yourself a new skill or subject you’ve heard people talking about lately. Being outside makes it that much more enjoyable. Plus, you also get the added perk of some quality people-watching time. That never disappoints.

Get your produce at a farm or stand

If you love to cook, nothing beats being able to pick your own fruits and vegetables or being able to buy them from straight from a local producer. You get the feel-good benefit of supporting your local economy while getting your food straight from the source. If you can enjoy all that while getting some time valuable outside time, you’ve had a fantastic day.


Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy what’s left of the warm weather. Get outside, get active, and have some fun while you’re at it.


It is very possible that you can get the same coverage for 30% less just by shopping around. It’s also possible that you may not be comfortable with the coverage they have. Maybe they are willing to accept more risk. Are you? These are legitimate concerns that your neighbor is not going to be able to address. The bottom line is when it comes to Medicare supplement plans, the cost is a big factor. Would you pay more for the exact same car by purchasing it from one lot versus another? Why would you do the same with your Medicare supplement? The answer is that you wouldn’t if you were sure that the plan you have is the exact same coverage as the more expensive plan.


In reviewing Medicare Supplement Plans 2019, like those at’s address the various companies. There are over thirty companies approved to offer supplement plans in the state of Pennsylvania. A few of these companies you may have heard of, most of them you have not. Some companies pay millions for advertising so that you are aware they exist. They build a brand and establish trust simply through commercials. Other companies depend on their agents to educate clients and sell their products. Does it change the coverage? No, the plans are still the same. The companies are regulated the same. The only difference is that you are either working with a specific company through an 800 number or you are working with an agent who will meet face to face and explain things to you. If you go with the agent, you will generally get personalized serve and a less expensive plan.


In addition to Medicare, Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans help to cover what is not covered by traditional Medicare. Generally, senior citizens are enrolled in Medicare upon reaching the age of 65. While this governmental plan is a great one, it only covers 80% of approved medical costs. Many seniors seek to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan to help cover the other 20% not covered by Medicare. Since ratings Medicare supplemental providers vary so greatly, it is always essential to do your research beforehand. Many different factors can play a role in what your actual premium price will be. Your age at the time of your application can make a difference because insurers assume that as you age, you are more likely to develop health issues.